Environmental Services

Wetland Preservation

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Preserving and maintaining natural wetlands is important to us!

When a project requires work that disrupts a natural wetland environment, Advanced Construction and Tree Removal LLC is equipped to perform wetland remediation, replication or enhancement .

Projects that require work in wetland areas often need to be enhanced, remediated,or replicated to ensure that the vegetation, and ecosystem have not been compromised or reduced during construction.   We pride ourselves as the leader in environmental education thru tree services that we offer.

Tick Management

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 Advanced Construction & Tree Removal LLC specializes in an environmentally friendly solution to Tick control without the use of pesticides or sprays. Our proven process utilizes vegetation management and hardscape alterations to remove tick habitat while providing pest barriers. Before and after studies of our projects have shown a 85% to 95% reduction in tick populations. Developing a Integrated Pest Management plan will not only rid Ticks but small rodents and other pests. Best of all NO pesticides

Wildlife Habitat Creation & Forestry Services

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 Our woodland management tactics and income-producing strategies help landowners maximize their forestland investment and realize their aesthetic, environmental, and recreational goals.  We also help the forest wildlife with Habitat Creation- another amazing service we offer. Let our team help you manage your woodland while creating a habitat for friendly animals. Possible Grants available!

Site Restoration

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Advanced Construction & Tree Removal LLC recognizes the importance of environmental stability.   We pay special attention to our equipment utilization and make special efforts to return work areas to conditions which favor native plant growth.  Our success in this effort has brought creation and restoration of wildlife habitat.

Wood Waste Disposal & Recycling

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 Advanced Construction & Tree Removal LLC  provides complete wood waste management services.  Offerings include on-site pickup as well as environmentally responsible processing, disposal and recycling of both coarse and fine woody debris. We add value to this arboricultural byproduct by repurposing it for use in energy generation, manufacturing processes, or in site stabilization during treatment application 

Golf Course Care & Maintanence


We understand the importance of esthetics in the golfing industry and how well-managed tree features affect nuanced hole play.  Advanced Construction & Tree Removal can help improve the health of your forest through a customized management plan by one of our licensed Foresters. We help by providing protection, and stabilization of valued trees while offering an approach for renewal with fresh plantings.

We are an environmentally friendly company from tree services to land clearing.